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Paul Benson Law Firm May 16, 2022

You have been injured in a car, truck, or motorcycle accident, been bitten by a dog, or slipped, tripped, and fell on someone else’s property. No matter the type of accident, if someone else’s negligence caused it, you need to seek medical attention.

Being examined by a doctor as soon as possible after an accident is essential, even if you don’t think you are injured or think your injuries are minor. There are several reasons why you should leave the determination of whether you are injured to a medical professional.

If you have been the victim of someone’s negligence in Beloit, Janesville, or Rock County, Wisconsin, and you have not yet sought medical treatment, do so. It is vital to contact my firm, The Paul Benson Law Firm, to talk about what comes next.

What Are Some Common Accident Injuries?

Every accident is different, which makes the resulting injuries unique as well. However, there are some injuries that are common among accident victims. Some are readily apparent, such as a displaced fracture or open wound. Others may not be immediate, but that does not mean they aren’t serious.

Common accident injuries include whiplash and other soft tissue injuries caused by jarring impact. These injuries occur to the muscles, tendons, and ligaments, including contusions, strains, and sprains.

It is also common to sustain injury to your bones and spine, including your neck, upper and low back. Hairline fractures may not be apparent right away, but they need to be diagnosed if they occur.

Traumatic brain injuries, including concussions, brain bruising, and bleeds may also be hidden injuries you don’t know you have. They can, however, be not only serious but life-threatening as well.

Why Should I See a Doctor Right Away?

If for no other reason, you should seek medical care immediately following an accident for your own health and safety. Some injuries are masked by the rush of adrenaline you experience during an incident. Others are simply not noticeable for days, weeks, or even months later. An emergency room physician knows what injuries to look for, how to test for them, and how to prescribe appropriate treatment and follow-up. A delay in diagnosis can result in your inability to fully recover.

If you are injured and want to file a third-party liability claim against the person whose negligence caused the accident, or if you want to file for medical payment benefits under your own auto insurance policy, you will need to provide proof of a medical diagnosis and expenses related to the accident. Wisconsin is an at-fault state for accidents, so negligent parties are financially responsible for the damages suffered by their victims. If you delay seeking medical treatment, the insurance company may use it to deny your claim, alleging that either your injuries weren’t serious enough to warrant medical care or that you injured yourself some other way in the interim between the accident and the date of the diagnosis.

Do I Have to Follow a Treatment Plan Even If I Feel Better?

A treatment plan for your injuries can often seem like taking antibiotics. When a doctor prescribes antibiotics, you are supposed to complete the entire course of them. In most cases, you are tempted to stop taking them as soon as you feel normal again, but that can be a mistake that leads to relapse.

For your own sake, you should comply fully with the treatment plan from beginning to end. Doing so is the best chance you have for making a full recovery from your injuries or at least recovering to the greatest extent possible.

You should also know that the insurance company will use any noncompliance against you in your personal injury claim. If you don’t comply with the treatment plan prescribed by your doctor, the insurer will counter that your injuries are permanent because you failed to do what the doctor advised. Therefore, that permanency is your fault, not it's insured’s.

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A personal injury claim requires injuries. If you truly sustain no injuries in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, that party bears no financial responsibility other than property damage, such as a wrecked car or motorcycle. If you delay treatment and find out later you are injured, you may not be able to hold the negligent person responsible.

As a personal injury attorney, I have helped clients pursue liability claims even if they failed to seek immediate medical attention. The task is merely more challenging because insurance companies will take every opportunity they can find to deny or devalue a claim. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to garner compensation.

The Paul Benson Law Firm is up to the challenge of helping clients in Janesville, Beloit, and Rock County, Wisconsin, get the compensation they deserve. If you have been injured, don’t delay any further. Call my office now.