A car accident is a terrible event on its own, but when the accident involves a semi-truck or 18-wheeler, it tends to be even more dangerous and serious. These major crashes often result in serious injuries and fatalities. When you or a loved one is in a truck accident, your life changes forever. Your health and your finances will be impacted. 

Medical bills and vehicle repair expenses are only the beginning. With the help of an experienced personal injury attorney, you can seek compensation for costs caused by the accident. At The Paul Benson Law Firm, I’ve spent a decade fighting for my clients. I’m here to make sure your rights are protected. I’m proud to serve clients in Janesville, Beloit, and throughout Rock County, Wisconsin.



Common Causes of Truck Accidents

While there are many safety regulations that govern truck drivers and trucking companies, these regulations aren’t always followed. Ignoring regulations is one of the common causes of truck accidents.

Faulty equipment, bad weather conditions, and traffic signal failures can also cause truck accidents. Another common cause is when drivers make mistakes because of fatigue or drug use. Sometimes they drive too fast or don’t check their blind spots, which can also cause an accident.

Assessing Liability

When an 18-wheeler accident or semi-truck accident happens, it’s important to determine who holds responsibility (liability) for the accident. The party that is at fault can be held liable for the costs caused by the accident.

Who Can Be Liable?

Several different people and parties can be held liable for a truck accident. 

The truck driver, trucking company, or the owner of the truck (or trailer) can be held liable. It’s also possible that the truck manufacturer or parts manufacturer is at fault for the accident if they provided faulty equipment or did not provide adequate maintenance. 

If weather conditions or a broken traffic signal was a factor in the accident, then it may be possible to hold the local government responsible.

Factors in Determining Liability

Because a truck accident is a major accident, proving liability is more complicated than in other car accidents. There are many factors that affect who is at fault for each accident.

For example, if the accident was caused by the truck driver speeding, then it’s possible to sue the trucker; however, if their insurance can’t cover your costs, then you or your attorney may need to consider filing a claim against the trucking company. Or, if the truck’s brakes fail, you may be able to hold the brake manufacturer liable. Speak with an experienced personal injury attorney to determine how to proceed in your case.

Filing a Personal Injury Claim in Wisconsin

After a truck accident, you will face medical bills and vehicle repairs. It may be impossible to know just how much those medical bills will ultimately end up costing you. A personal injury claim may be able to help you secure the financial compensation you need for not only your bills but also for other expenses caused by the accident.

Statute of Limitations

You must file your personal injury claim within the timeline set by the statute of limitations. In Wisconsin, the deadline is three years after the date of the injury or accident. Once three years have passed, you will no longer be able to file a personal injury claim.

If I’m the Victim

After a truck accident, your first priority should be your health and safety. If you can take photos of the scene and write down the names of any witnesses, that is extremely helpful. However, make sure that you take care of your health and safety first. Keep all your documentation as your records will help with filing your claim.

If I’m Representing My Loved One

Because truck accidents are so serious, your loved one may have been seriously injured or, in the worst-case scenario, passed away because of the accident. This terrible tragedy should never have happened in the first place. It’s important to hold the party that was at fault accountable for their actions.

If you are representing your loved one, you do not have to go through this difficult time alone. Anyone who is a close family member can file a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of their loved one. An experienced personal injury attorney can guide you through the process of filing a wrongful death claim or the process of assisting a loved one who was seriously injured with filing a personal injury claim.


After a truck accident, your life will change forever. You shouldn’t have to face the insurance companies or the legal process alone. I know you’re going through one of the most difficult times in your life, and I want to help your case so you can recover. The Paul Benson Law Firm is proud to represent clients in Janesville, Beloit, and throughout Rock County, Wisconsin. Contact me today to schedule your free case consultation.