Bad Faith Insurance Attorneys Holding Insurance Companies in Wisconsin Accountable

Has your insurance company refused to pay a valid claim? Or has an insurance adjuster forced you to jump through needless hoops to justify your claim? Are they just low-balling you? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you may have a claim for bad faith against your own insurance company.

Insurance is a Contract

Your insurance policy is a contract with the insurance company. They have to live up to what they promised in the contract language. They can’t require you to jump through hoops unless set forth in the contract language. The law recognizes that the insurance company is in a superior bargaining position and most insurance consumers are not legal scholars, so the law protects regular insurance customers from unfair insurance practices.

The Insurance Adjuster is Not Always your Friend

Remember that you have rights. The insurance adjuster will often represent that they are the final authority on what is covered under the insurance policy and how much your claim is worth. That is wrong. In reality, your insurance company is legally required to treat you fairly and pay you a reasonable amount for all valid claims (this does not apply to another person’s insurance company). If you don’t agree with the insurance company’s assessment, you don’t have to accept their conclusion. You have the right to challenge them in a court of law. All parties to a contract are guaranteed their due process rights which includes a trial. Although, you may have to comply with a mandatory arbitration clause first. The insurance adjuster may act sympathetic and assure you that they are paying you a fair settlement of your claim. Unfortunately, the insurance adjuster may not have your best interest in mind. Insurance adjusters are paid to resolve claims as efficiently as possible. That could mean that they are trying to quickly pay you before you could possibly realize the full extent of your damages. For example, if your home is damaged by a storm, it is very hard to know the full extent of your damages for weeks and even months. Water can cause mold that does not reveal itself for months. Or your house could even end up becoming condemned at a later point because of undiscovered structural problems.

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If you believe that your insurance company is treating you unfairly – in a property damage or injury claim – it is wise to have an experienced insurance attorney review the insurance company offer. I’ve helped my clients recover hundreds of thousands of dollars from insurance companies after the insurance company had already made their “best offer.” I have devoted my professional life to representing good people who have been injured. Call or email me today to talk about your case.  I always review cases for free.